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About Theresa & Co Beauty


I have enjoyed and admired the art of make up and hairstyling due to years of participating in the creative arts. Growing up in Ottawa ON, I attended a well established dance studio and successfully completed many examinations over the years. After graduating, I began school with Carleton University, but my love for the performing arts never subsided. I continued my experiences with music videos, conventions and workshops around Canada and the United States. Over the years, I gained much experience and knowledge even moving to Texas for my masters degree in business. While in Texas, Theresa started falling in love with make up and hair artistry wanting to start practicing on her own. She started with her first bride and flourished from there. After working with numerous companies and developing her skills in Texas, I returned to Canada opening Theresa & Co Beauty. 

Now, I am grateful to successful operate a hair and make up company, work full time for The Ottawa Hospital and releases my joy for dance by teaching the younger generation everything I have learned over the years. I look forward to showing others, what falling in love with the dance and yourself is like. 


Working with other artists in the Ontario region, I work with clients to attain their 'perfect look' they have envisioned on their special day. Being fully equipped with high-end make up brands, I always strive for flawless perfection making your dreams a reality. 

         At Theresa & Co Beauty, I love what I for my clients; creating smiles and art. I hope to hear from you in the future for your special day and can not wait for the breathtaking moment before you say 'I do". 

                               - Theresa R 

                                     Owner of Theresa & Co Beauty

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